Taking care of your own hair and the hair extensions is most important. Crucially, look after the extension hair and it will last indefinably … don’t… and you will destroy it. Any damage done to hair is irreversible.

When you receive your extension hair, wash and condition it TWICE before putting it in.

Do not use excessive heat on hair and avoid too much chlorine or salt water. It destroys the cuticle.

Putting in/Removal/Coloring/Perming. Use an experienced stylist. This hair is premium quality and should be treated that way. You can color and perm our hair to your taste!

Don’t brush when wet, comb through with a wide toothcomb. Brush through everyday when dry.

Wrap hair at night in either a silk cap or a silk wrap. It holds in moisture, protects it and keeps cuticles in perfect condition. It also reduces need for heat, chemicals and products on the hair for styling. Brush through then put into a braid.

Wash and condition the hair at least once a week. Get a treatment on the hair ideally once a fortnight.

Do not mix this hair with other types of hair extensions… these are premium extensions but if mixed with other hair they can damage each other.

Do not worry about reasonable shedding, it is both natural in your own hair and normal in extensions, some hair will eventually fall out due to wearage.

Do not over use products or oils on this hair. It is premium hair, it will not get dry and brittle like regular hair so too much product or oil can make it oily and saturated.

When not wearing the hair keep it safe and protected, preferably in bags or boxes.

Drink water and eat healthy, this keeps YOUR hair healthy and means OUR hair is attached to strong, supple, vibrant hair. This extends extension wearability and improves the look and feel.

Lastly enjoy your extensions… a happy person is their most beautiful self!