Ultra Skin Clip in Hair.

Our exclusive unique clip in hair design – the thinnest, most natural clip in hair in the world.

Can be worn as Clip in hair OR can be worn as a Skin Weft – a wonderful way to enhance your hair for a special occasion or up to 5 weeks at a time!!!!

You can apply them yourself, they look completely natural and the hair will last indefinitely.

Hair is taken from the bulk ponytail, and threaded onto our SUPER THIN ULTRA SKIN WEFTS… strand by strand. Wefts then have small .5 inch clips attached. They are then packed together in sets to give you enough hair for your desired look. (Most packs weigh 2 ounces ours weigh 3 ounces)

You use the clips to attach the hair to your own hair. Attaching them will take 10 to 40 minutes depending on the style you want.


Remove the clips, use the tape provided and wear them for up to 5 weeks at a time.

Premium quality hair means you can use all your favourite appliances and products, they will look undetectable and be totally natural with absolute minimum maintance.

They will feel natural and silky to the touch and you can even take the extensions to your personal hairdresser to color to match your own hair perfectly.

There should be at least 5-9 pieces in a pack of Clip-in extensions to give enough coverage around the head and so you can place then in a way to achieve your style. Our packs have 9 pieces. Designed to give the most natural look possible.

Clip-in extensions are available in hair of Russian and Indian origin, and an extensive range of colors and lengths.