What is the difference between Extension Evolution hair and other retailers?

Our hair is of the utmost quality. It quite simply is the best. Absolutely nothing has been comprised. We operate on quality not quantity. All of our hair we guarantee is unmixed, undiluted,  absolutely pure human hair. Since Indian hair is naturally dryer than hair of Russian Origin it has also been bathed in Aloe Vera which creates its unique soft, silky texture unlike anywhere else. If you choose or hair which has been lifted in color it is unlike anything used in normal hair manufacturing or even at the best hair salon. Because the hair is being colored whilst off the head, color is lifted from our hair in a 20 day process causing no damage to the hair.

For more details of these processes please request our free hair booklet.


How do I choose which hair to use?

The hair of Russian Origin is the absolute best hair on the market. We recommend this first if cost is not an issue. Brazilian hair is a perfect solution if you want the absolute very best human hair with a natural curl. Indian hair is the most popular human hair available; pristine, gorgeous, silky  hair but at a little lower cost. Anything else, we would not recommend, bad extensions will destroy your own hair and not look natural.


How do I choose between which Extension type to use?

Use the table on the extension page to match the right extensions to your need. You may also ask your stylist or ask us. We happy to reply to emails giving you advice on which type of hair extensions to use, as long as you provide some details for us to base our answer on. If you have access to Southern California you may book a free Hair viewing and Consultation.

Typically Afro girls wear weaves using wefted hair, as afro hair is difficult to look after and prone to damage so braiding it away protects it. European ladies tend to use keratin tips as they are usually looking to add a little something extra to their own hair, not cover it completely.


How much hair do I need?

An average full head requires 8 ounces. But it really is dependant on the length or the style and how much volume you may personally like.  We suggest always over estimating as the extra hair can be used to re-fill natural shedding when necessary. Also as all our hair is very fine and stays silky you may need a little more than with cheaper hair which becomes dry and coarse, thus thicker.


How often should I replace it?

Our hair lasts indefinitely You only have to replace the hair when you personally have the desire too. We have clients who only change their hair when they are changing their style. Our hair is reusable, as it is the best quality it does not need to be thrown away after every attachment. Which will save a lot of money and time in the long term.


Can you recommend stylists for me to go to?

Yes please see our Stockists section. We also have Mobile Extension Evolution Stylists who can attach hair extensions within your own home for privacy.


Can I order samples?

Yes samples of any of our hair can be ordered. We welcome ordering of samples. They are $5 for postage, packing and handling. Prepare to be amazed!