“Will it knot & tangle in the wash?”      ”Will the silicone wash off & your hair becomes dry & brittle?”

“Will it lose its shine and movement &be dull and lifeless?”

The Quality of human hair can only be seen after the first wash. High quality hair reacts just like your own. After washing – its looks and moves better than it did before. Reusable for up to two years, high quality hair is an investment in a beauty product you will use for a long time.

We ONLY work with Cuticle, Virgin, Unprocessed hair… and gather hair from areas of the world where the hair follicles are naturally a perfect match for European and Afro hair without ANY procedures or stripping required.If our hair  does requires any color lifting to match your color –  the color is put onto on pure, virgin, natural hair in a process that is even more gentle than the one used for your own hair and head.We provide Premium Hair Extensions for all hair types: Afro to European. Blonde through to Jet Black. We have natural hair types from very curly to silky straight. Our hair is reusable – up to two years. Like your own natural hair  it will continue to look and feel amazing for years to come

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