Judi Shekoni, Los Angeles.  |  Actress: Eastenders, King of Queens, Brothers & Sisters, Navy NCIS, Garfield2, Twilight Saga www.judishekoni.com
“I have worn extensions since I was 16. I have lived in London, New York and LA. I have never found hair like the hair we provide at EE. I don’t need to go to a hairdresser to wash and straighten my hair. I have not needed to replace the hair 2 years later. A weave can last 5 months easily. I wake up with it looking perfect. It never tangles, matts gets dry or feels brittle. People stop me in the street. I honestly started this company because I spent years never even knowing this kind of hair was available, making mistakes, losing jobs and feeling unhappy, now I have found it I want to offer it to others. The difference is dramatic.”


Emily Brown, Portugal.  |  Model: Armani, Italian Vogue, Karen Millen, Vodaphone 
“As a blonde, I had resigned myself to my extensions becoming dry and brittle and difficult to style after a few washes, Extension Evolution Natural Russian hair remained just as silky, soft & smooth after every wash, the quality was impeccable. As a model I need my hair to look good and style easily. Now it does.”


Caroline Chikezie, London.   |  Actress: Aeon Flux, Eragon, Footballers Wives, As If , Torchwood, Supernatural
“EE extension hair is Amazing, I have never felt human hair extensions that feel so soft, silky and smooth. I absolutely would recommend them to anyone, this quality of hair is like nothing I have seen before.”


Paula Murphy, Scotland. |  Model/Doctor: Miss Scotland
“I never usually wear extensions, but after trying Extension Evolution Russian clip in ones I was so happy with the quality. I was actually confused… because any extensions ive felt before never felt so soft… I didn’t think it was possible!”


Josephine Collins, London. |  BBC, Merseybeat, The Mag, The Bigger Breakfast, All Around You
“Love it! The best quality hair I have ever seen. Seriously blown away.”


Dj Cat Mcqueen, Worldwide. |  DJ: Los Angeles, Europe, Asia
“As a DJ I’m traveling all over the world, and really late nights. So if I want a create a look that stands out I throw on some Clip-ins. I was introduced to EE in 2008. Really great quality. I’ve been dragging that hair around the world with me ever since and it still looks exactly the same as when I got it!”


Jan Anderson, Los Angeles. |  Actress: : Casualty, Londons Burning,  The Bill, Doctors, Prison Break
“I love it! EE hair is really fine and smooth, and I don’t have to worry about dryness or tangles with it. I like to change my hair for different roles so good quality extensions at a reasonable price like the Indian ones provide me with that option.”


Sierra Tawan |  Playboy Playmate
“The moment I saw the hair I could see the quality, there are so many people around selling rubbish it’s a joy to finally find someone who supplies the highest grades of hair.”


Tui Sang, Singapore. |  Model: Nescafe, Mitsubishi, Sheraton , Malayasa Tourism
“I take extensions with my to jobs, wear them to events. EE hair is the absolute best hair I have ever used. I recolored it myself when I changed my hair color and I can let it dry naturally, plus hairdressers can work with it easily on jobs!”


Cherion Drakes, Canada. |  Actress: Soul food, Conviction, Kink in my Hair
“Gorgeous Hair, Truly…I do not understand why this level of hair was not available before? Soo silky and soft and natural takes all the problems out of wearing extensions and makes it simple and easy. A huge difference from any other hair I have ever tried. I’d recommend it to anyone.”


Ulissa Braxton, Los Angeles. |  Hairstylist 14 years
“I have seen ALOT of hair in my time, and seen it on ALOT of clients. Hair is the number 1 most important factor in good extensions and I can say Extension Evolution deliver and make my life a lot easier. Their hair of Russian Origin, can not be beaten. Never tangles, never knots and I can reuse with clients over and over again. With so much junk around, it is good to have a reliable source of the highest level of hair when my clients want quality.”


Emma Dennis, London.  |  Make up Artist: Sterophonics, Brit Awards
“Extension Evolution hair is the most incredible hair I have ever used with my clients… I highly recommend it, and I am relieved to have found hair that actually looks better  after washing.”


Jenny Horowitz, London.  |  Air Hostess
“I absolutely love your hair. It’s a fantastic product and the most realistic extensions I have ever seen! I wanted a natural look and it delivers and feels divine!”


Catherine Fitzlanders, Los Angeles.  |  Career Coach

“Beautiful hair, very happy. I used to wear synthetic and cheap hair… wow… now I realize the difference! Big Difference.”