We offer THREE kinds of Wefting.

Machine Wefting – Where the hair is attached using a sew machine. This provides a compact, neat, tight weft with minimum shedding. Our machine wefts are narrow and neat with minimum ‘Beard’. The beard is the overlay of extra hair that is created when you fold hair to make a weft. A thick beard will make the weft appear bulky and thick near the scalp, so it is important to have this neat.

Hand Wefting – Hand Wefted hair is created by hand. This is more time consuming, but creates a slightly smaller weft. Since our machine Wefting is very compact and neat there is not a great deal of difference between the two but some people prefer hand Wefted as it is a more delicate weft.

Custom wefting – Extension Evolution are proud to offer Custom Wefting to our clients. Hand Tied, Hand blended hair. This service enables our customers to design their own wefts and weaves. Something previously only available to Celebrities and the very Elite is now it accessible to all.

With Custom Wefting the hair weft is made SPECIFICALLY for you.

+ You can choose to mix the natural colors within the weft. Piano colors, Highlights, whatever you may require.

+ You can have wefts created extra thick. Thus allowing lots of volume but only requiring one or two tracks.

+ You can choose to use only the hair from one individual head.

+ Create bangs and Fringes that are thick and luscious but require only one thin track.

The options are unlimited as the weft can be designed by you for you, or our consultants can create wefts that are created perfect for your needs.